Michelle Rush lives in Vancouver with her daughter, Claire. Michelle grew up in Mesa, AZ. From even a young age she loved helping her mother with the household chores, her favorite job being the vacuuming. Her mother noticed Michelle's natural perfectionism in all she did and knew that whatever she choose to do in life she would succeed. At the age of 20 Michelle moved to Vancouver, WA and transferred to WSU. She got a day job cleaning houses at a small company called Exceptional Cleaning. After close to 2 years of employment Michelle was offered the opportunity to purchase the company and trek off on her own. Only four years later the company had grown well over 10x its original size.

With an educational background in business and job experience as a professional house cleaner she was able to recognize what was missing from today's average cleaner. All large companies are franchises with huge royalty fees and large overheads. They are forced to charge high prices and often unable to customize a service for their clients or properly manage the quality of their services. While at the same time the individual house cleaners had no accountability, weren't paying payroll taxes (leave the customer very vulnerable to several government agencies) and provided no screening for the person coming into your home. Not to mention the language barriers across the board. It was obvious what Michelle needed to do- make our clients' best interest the focus of our services! That is what you can expect from Exceptional Cleaning every visit, every interaction, every time!

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mission statement:

"Exceptional Cleaning's sole purpose is to establish trusting relationships with our clients and provide unprecedented residential and commercial cleaning services in a timely manner. We exist to attract and maintain customers by exceeding expectations, high levels of professionalism, and our ability to mop the floor with our competition!"

Before Exceptional Cleaning came along there were two main options when choosing help cleaning your home. You can choose a large cleaning company or an individual cleaning person. The first is the the large franchise company. These companies have a higher price, different people in your home each time, higher turnover rates and use subcontractors. They must pay high royalty fees, marketing fees, and have a large overhead. Therefore they are forced to charge more, however with more customers they are also less able to personalize your cleaning experience. These companies often pay their employees by the job not an hourly rate to encourage a fast cleaning. The other option was an individual cleaning person, which is where all the horror stories come from. We once had a client who ran into her cleaning lady while shopping at Fred Meyer while the lady was supposed to be cleaning her house, she had left her there 30 minutes before. Another client had a cleaning lady who just stopped showing up, then they noticed some jewelry missing a few weeks later. There is little accountability with no ability to do anything about it. This choice is a gamble. Hopefully the person is paying their own payroll taxes, or their clients are at risk for owning these to several government agencies. Hopefully the person doesn't get hurt in your home, they are not required to pay workers compensation and legally you can be held liable.Exceptional Cleaning is the Answer!We provide a quality customized cleaning service at a reasonable price. We pay our employees well encouraging longevity, loyalty and a low turn over rate. We pay all payroll taxes, our employees are all bonded and we are covered by liability insurance and workers compensation. Our employees are paid hourly ensuring they take that extra time to do the job you would if you had the time. You are assigned a team of cleaning techs and these same techs come to your house each time. You have the peace of mind knowing who is cleaning your home. We never use subcontractors. All our employees are thoroughly screened and trained to ensure only the best for you. Our service is made with you in mind! We provide flexible scheduling and never require any contracts. 

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