What if i need to reschedule a cleaning?

Please give us as much notice as possible. There is no charge for canceling or rescheduling.

What should i do to prepare to have my house cleaned?

We ask that you try and have areas to be cleaned cleared of clutter. Please know that we do not judge or even care much if you didn't have time to pick up shoes or dishes or whatever. But keep in mind the easier everything is to get to the faster we can get it done, hence you get a lower price.

What should i do with my pets during a routine cleaning?

We ask that you put your pets away or outside if possible. It's not that we don't love animals (we really do!!) but it can be hard to mop a floor with the dog running back and forth as it dries. Please just do what you can, we don't mind, it's their home too!!

am i supposed to tip my house cleaners?

Naturally, etiquette says that we are supposed to tip anyone who does a service for us, as you will see there are not may professionals that are doing a bigger service for you than we are. Most people tip the first time we go to a home, and then every so often thereafter, not necessarily every time though. It is just good manner to tip around Christmas time. Keep in mind also that a note of encouragement goes a long way!

No Entry fee

Upon setting up a regular cleaning schedule you will be asked how the cleaner should enter the home on visits. If we are unable to enter the home to clean on our regular date we will ask you to pay a no entry fee. The fee is different for everyone depending on your location ranging between $55-100 depending on your location relative to our office. Management will go over the specific fee for your area during the in home estimate. This is very standard in the industry and we will attempt to contact you before leaving your home. We will wait at your home for no less than 15 minutes while we try and contact you. We have several options available for our customers if you are not able to be home when we are schedule to arrive. We can hold a key, use a garage code, hide-a-keys, key under door mat or what ever you feel most comfortable with. Our company key policy is listed below for further details.

Key Policy

Many of our client prefer to give us a copy of their house key or a garage code to enter on our cleaning days. Keys received from clients are coded and do not have any easily identified information. Keys are kept in our office sage and our only released the day of your cleaning and immediately returned. We understand if you would like to set up an alternative method, you can always change our entry method at any time. If at a future date you decide to discontinue your service we can either have the key destroyed, mailed to an address of your choosing, or picked up at our office.

Broken or damaged item while cleaning

We ask that clients put away items that are irreplaceable or sentimental. It is rare that something may happen and we are always very careful. Should anything be damaged while cleaning we will replace the item or reach an appropriate agreement as the client deems fit. If you are not home and something happens we will leave you a note so you know what happened. Please notify our office within 24 hours of cleaning to make necessary arrangements.

how much will it cost to clean my house?

Every home is different. Please remember that house cleaning done right takes time. Call (360) 258-1356 or visit our Online Estimate page to get a customized estimate for your home. However we cannot give you an exact price until we have seen the areas that need to be cleaned. There are several factors which directly affect price such as build up, clutter and previous maintenance. The first cleaning is considered a deeper clean and usually takes 1 1/2 - 2x longer than regularly scheduled cleanings.

Are you licensed, bonded & insured?

YES! Exceptional cleaning is licensed in the state of Washington. We are covered by a $100,000 bond and carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance. We will provide written proof upon request at any time.

Will the same people be cleaning my house every time?

YES! Your home will be assigned a specific team of technicians. You will be introduced to your team lead; this is the person to bring up any of the day to day concerns or special attention items. Your regular techs will be assigned a time and day and you can always expect to have someone you know at your home.

Frequently asked questions

what is a subcontractor? do you use subcontractors?

NO! We do not use subcontractors! All our technicians are full or part time employees. Some companies use subcontractors either regularly or when they are overbooked. Subcontractors are required to carry their own insurance, bonding, worker's compensation and pay their own payroll taxes. Therefore, many do not because it is just easier not to. This leaves the customer unknowingly responsible for anything damaged or any person injured on their property. We do not condone this practice and have never used subcontractors.

How does exceptional cleaning compare to other cleaning companies in terms of price and quality?

We are not the least or the most expensive, but we are the highest in quality. Our employees are our biggest assets. We pay our employees competitively to secure only the best. We charge drastically less than larger franchised companies because we have a much lower overhead. However we charge slightly more than individuals because we have a low employee turn over rate and choose to pay our employees well. Quality workers stay where they are happy. In order to provide our clients with the best possible quality it costs slightly more to hire and secure the best possible house cleaners.

How do you choose, screen & train your employees?

Our employees first go through a normal interviewing process. We ask questions about goals, work history, work ethics, physical ability and assertiveness. Seeming capable potentials are then put through a working interview, the potential is asked to perform various cleaning tasks in order to evaluate efficiency, team work, social skills and ability to follow directions. After these two screening processes we then run a criminal background check as well as a narcotics screening. Provided an applicant has met all these requirements they are now eligible for employment. Employees with qualifying experience are given a 6-8 week training course, employees without experience are given a 12 week training course. During these trainings employees are paid at a lower rate. We have found that trainees work harder and learn faster when they have a monetary incentive to do so. During the training period the trainee always works with a Team Lead to develop the skills to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will always do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction with out service on every visit. Should we ever fail to do so please contact us within 24 hours and we will return and re clean the area at no additional charge.

Employee screening

All employees are heavily screened to ensure the quality of our staff. During the decision process potential applicants are subject to a criminal background check, drug test, and we check a minimum of five personal or professional references. Our service has been created with you in mind and only the best will be employed with our company. Our training  course is 12 weeks with continued training for our technicians to ensure consistent quality.


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6319 E Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98661

Do I need to provide any cleaners or equipment?

Not usually. We provide all supplies and equipment for a truly "worry free" house cleaning service. If there is something specific that you prefer used on a certain item or area that we do not normally carry (which is rare) we will be happy to use the product you provide.

DO i have to be home during cleanings?

Not at all if you prefer. many of our clients are working or prefer to not be home during our regular cleanings. It is your choice where or not to be present. Please understand that we will be moving about in all areas of your home, in order to be as efficient as possible we will need access to these areas at all times. Some find it to be uncomfortable to clean "around them".

Company Policies